I have established my Law firm in 2008 and have created immediately an English-speaking Clients Department to assist Europeans and non-Europeans foreigners wishing to live or/and work in France.

My law firm is located in Montpellier and indeed, the South of France is a very attractive place to live; it is also a challenging region to work, set up or take over a business. I can help you turn your project into a successful investment.

However French Law and French rules are difficult to understand, particularly if you do not speak the language!

The potential settler or business-creator is sure to experience stressful situation. It appears generally afterwards that such a situation was the result of a minor problem which had not been fully understood and dealt with.

My aim is to help you to avoid difficulties when settling in France or establishing a business.

My expertise encompasses all aspects of Civil Law as well as Administrative Law; I can therefore assist you with every aspects of French Administration, advise you on French Wills and succession planning but also help you buying and selling property in France.

I closely work with other professional partners including French and foreign lawyers, French notaires and financial advisers. My firm is located in the heart of Languedoc-Roussillon, in the Hérault region but I can perform my activity all around France.