Reliability, transparency and reactivity

The quality of the relation between a client and his lawyer is a key asset.

This relation must be based on mutual reliability and transparency, to be successful.

Never hesitate to ask me questions and every other precision to avoid any future misunderstandings.

The Internet, the telephone and the other modern means of communication would enable us to meet virtually.

After analysis of all the pertinent documents I would be in a position to protect your interests to the upmost while respecting my professional obligations of loyalty and secret.

As reactivity is essential to stop any difficulty from getting bigger, I would come back to you quickly to advise you on the procedure and attitude to follow, for the protection of your interests.

Impartial Legal advice

I will guide you through the whereabouts of French Law, giving you explanations and advices in English.

I will be acting solely for you to protect your interests.

Bilingual qualified French Lawyer

As licensed French lawyer holding professional legal qualification, I can offer genuine legal representation before French courts or in French conveyancing matters.

Dedicated legal help

I will personally handle your case and keep you advised of progress as it happens.

I help my clients in a friendly, approachable way, whilst maintaining a professional approach.


Wherever possible, I will quote a fixed, all-inclusive one-time fee for my services. You can budget with confidence knowing that the fee quoted is fixed, no matter how complex the case or transaction may be.

Depending on the nature of the case, percentage fees would be possible and would be acted in a written contract.

Legal insurance ?

You may have subscribed to a legal protection insurance in connection to your car, your house or your credit card.

Contact your insurance to make sure they would take charge of my fees.

No insurance can force you to have your case dealt with one of their lawyers. You are free to choose your lawyer.