Practice areas

Town-planning Law

  • Building permit and planning certificate
  • Illegal constructions and criminal procedure

Expropriation & Preemption

  • Protection of property right
  • Negotiation of financial compensation

Environmental Law

  • Protection from pollution and nuisance from industrial plants or waste deposits
  • Natural risk prevention plans (floods, forest fires, earthquakes…)
  • Wind-turbines and solar-panels installations and cases

Administrative Law

  • Responsibilities of local authorities
  • Public works cases
  • Consistency of public and private properties

Foreigners’ rights

  • Residence permit
  • Right of asylum

Residential and commercial conveyancing

Buying or selling French real-estate property? Let me protect your interests.

When drafting a real-estate purchase and sale agreement, it is important that each party knows exactly what is expected of them. My experience in contract drafting ensures that your best interests remain protected throughout the entire contract process.

High quality legal representation during the conveyancing process can save clients a bundle down the line. Being a well-established, fully registered French law Firm, I can act for you throughout the purchase/sale procedure and fight to protect your interests, every step of the way.

I will assist you in the following ways as appropriate:

  • Inspecting pre-purchase agreement
  • Talking you through the contract over the telephone, or emailing you a bullet-point summary
  • Drafting any necessary protective clauses and arranging for these to be included in contract
  • Checking that pre-emption rights are waived
  • Obtaining copies of registered plan (plan cadastral) and highlighting potential issues
  • Advising on types of ownership (particularly important for joint purchasers) and ensuring that the necessary clauses are included in the final conveyance Deed
  • Negotiating and corresponding with estate agent
  • Making an offer, subject to mortgage/survey, on your behalf
  • Arranging/advising on payment of deposit
  • Liaising with notaire, appointing own notaire as necessary
  • Arranging power of attorney
  • Perusing and approving the final conveyance deed and coordinating the completion process

French real-estate auctions

Buying a property at auction in France is an exciting and rewarding way of acquiring cheap real estate. I can act for you and submit bids on your behalf.

Civil Law

  • Marriages, PACS partneships and divorces
  • Wills & succession
  • Title transfer following judgment, death, separation or divorce